W.D. Metal Building Advantages

1.  Heavy End Wall Advantage

WDMB buildings come with heavy end walls standard.  Heavy end wall
design uses heavy clear span frames on the ends of your building. 

Many building manufactures use a Light End Wall design that uses
the wall panels to support the structure.  Light end walls are a cheaper
way to build but WDMB prefers heavy end walls for 2 reasons:

  • Heavy End Walls make for super-strong building.
  • You can easily add on to your building in the future,
    because you have a heavy clear-span frame on the end of your building.

2.  Erection Advantage

(Watch the WDMB Crew Erect a Metal Building!  Click Here! )

We install what we sell.  We have our own erection crews, who are full-time employees.  
They only install W.D. Metal Buildings.  
Our crews have installed over 1,000 metal buildings in the last 20 years!

3.  The Manufacturer/Erector Connection
It's a huge advantage to have your metal building manufacturer also be your metal building erector.  Since W.D. Metal Buildings is both manufacturer and erector, we make sure your building is installed exactly right.

4.  Famous For Our Prompt Service
Our crews have the W.D. Metal Building erection process down to a science, so you can be confident that they'll show up, put up, and clean up in a timely manner.
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