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Click here to watch our WDMB Crew Erect a Metal Building (Timelapse)!

WDMB Metal Building Advantages:

  1. Our Texas metal and steel building prices include Erection.
  2. We manufacture and erect our own steel buildings.
  3. Continuous Roof  —  Eliminates ridge cap, prevents leaks, and is designed for
    high winds.
  4. We build:  Steel Shops, Hay Barns, Equipment Buildings, Warehouses,
    Storage Buildings, RV Buildings, Pavilions, Sheds, Airplane Hangars,
    Boat storage, Garages, Texas Barn homes, "Barndominiums".

Options Include:  Installed Overhead Doors and a 5-Inch Reinforced Concrete Slab.         (Scroll down for our Photo Gallery)

Texas metal building with lean/to roof on the side.

Our standard 40' x 60' x 14' steel building with a 24' x 60' lean-to roof on the side.

Texas Barndominiums

Texas Barndominium

Click here for Texas Barndominiums
Wood Stud Build-Out Barndominium to Sheet Rock stage Barndominium with stained floor Barndominium with Porch
Click Here to see floor plans.
Texas metal building with roof extension and concrete slab.
Click Here to watch us build the above building.
Above is our standard 30' x 35' x 12' steel building with a 30' x 15' roof extension.
Texas steel building with lean/to roof over concrete.
30' x 30' x 12' W.D. Metal Building with 5" concrete slab,
overhead doors and a 15' x 30' lean-to.
Texas metal building with lean/to roof on the side.

Above is our standard 40' x 40' x 15' steel building with a 40' x 20' roof extension,
overhead door, walkdoor and windows.

WD Metal Buildings specializes in Texas steel buildings for the rural community.
Steel buildings are the number one choice for property owners in Texas. 
Metal construction is more efficient and durable for the Texas climate.
Our Texas steel buildings have clear-span steel roofs,
and steel wall purlins to provide strength.

26-gauge metal roofing panels and 26-gauge metal siding panels protect against strong
Texas winds.  So do what many Texas residents do - choose WD Texas steel buildings. 
"We build what we sell!"

40' x 60' x 12' Continuous Roof Enclosed Building
The above is an example of an enclosed building with a "continuous roof"
W.D. Metal Buildings continuous-style roof is designed with continuous roof sheets. 
Example:  A 40 ft. wide building will have 42 ft. sheets, with no ridge cap. 

Pitched Roof 2 on 12 Enclosed Building
Available in 30', 35', 40' widths.
The above is an enclosed building with a pitched roof
W.D. Metal Building's 2:12 pitched roof is designed with two half-sheets,
covered with a flat ridge cap.

40' x 60' x 14' Building with Roof Extension
Above is a 40' x 20' roof extension off of the front of the building. 
All our roofextensions include a 2-foot skirting, as seen here.
The side of this building has two overhead doors, 
and the front has a walk door and two windows.

40' x 60' x 14' with a 24' x 60' Lean-To
Above is a lean-to with an end wall.
The front of this building includes a sliding door, and a walk door is
on the side, under the lean-to.

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Building with Enclosed section and open section.
30' x 70' x 12'Building with 30' x 20' enclosed section and 30' x 50' open section.