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Barndominium Pricing for Metal Buildings with Living Areas
Texas Barndominium Photo Wood Stud Build-Out Barndominium to Sheet Rock stage Barndominium with stained floor Barndominium with Porch
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We are no longer provide pricing for Barndominiums.

The prices range greatly depening on:
  • Where you are building.
  • What you are building (Size, Finishes..)
  • When because timing determines the price of the materials and of labor.
, You can learn much more about the cost to build as well if a Barndominium is Cheaper to build than a traditional home by Clicking here.-

To see Barndominiun House Plans for sale please visit www.BarndominiumFloorPlans.com

Available Counties We serve the following counties, but do NOT build in the city limits.
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Barndominium Living Area
Barndominimum Size (See Plans)   (More Information) 0.00
The above Barndominium Prices include engineered concrete slab, stained floors, spray foam insulation, PEX plumbing, granite counter tops, custom cabinets, and 9’ ceilings. Price may vary from one County to another County.
Excludes: Septic, Water Well, Appliances, and Outside Electrical Service.
Barndominimum prices are a rough estimate we need finalized plans to provide firm bid.
Barndominium Shop Area
Shop Size built on Engineered Concrete Slab
Upgrade Options: Sectional overhead doors, personnel doors, electrical, foam insulation, plywood liner, and AC split unit.
Shop Area Options
Shop Electric 0.00
Foam Insulation 0.00
Plywood Liner 0.00
Porch Options - Includes Engineered Concrete Slab  View Porch
End Porch 1:   $ 0.00
End Porch 2:   $ 0.00
Side Porch 1:   $ 0.00
Side Porch 2:   $ 0.00
Wrap Around Porch Corners:   $ 0.00
Roof Options - Includes Engineered Concrete Slab
Roof Extension   End Roof     View Roof Extension $ 0.00
Lean-To Roof   Side Roof    View Lean/To  $ 0.00
Barndo: 0.00
Shop: 0.00
Porches: 0.00
Extension: 0.00
Lean-To: 0.00
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